Shop Policies

All sales are final~ No refunds or returns~ payment is due within 24 hours of invoice being sent. 


Open Box Policies

  • An open box allows us to hold your items so you can continue to add to your box to save on shipping!
  • Please keep in mind that it is pay as you go, so any items claimed will still need to be paid within 24 hours of the invoice being posted.
  • Boxes can stay open for up to 2 weeks (if you want to keep it open longer just send us a direct message on Instagram). 
  • If your initial order is under $100, you WILL be charged the $5 flat rate fee, if you add more items and it brings you over $100, the $5 shipping fee will NOT be refunded. (This is a cost share price as we cover at least 50% of shipping on every order). 
  • If you keep an open box, you will only be charged the initial $5 fee on the first order of under $100

Shipping Prices and Policies

  • Orders under $100 in the US: $5 flat rate shipping price
  • Order over $100 ship free in the US
  • Shipping cost to Canada is based on weight and destination
  • You can ask to keep an open box to save on shipping! 

Live Sale Guidelines

  • To claim an item in a live sale, comment Claim, item number (price), letter if applicable and/or an emoji (example: Claim 20A)
  • A claim is a commitment to purchase! No putbacks or switches please.
  • The day after the live sale, we will post listings to our site under the "Reserved Listings" section for you to checkout. (We will post on our story when invoices are ready). 
  • Free shipping on orders $100+ in the US and under $100 is $5 flat rate. 
  • Anyone that does not pay for their claims will be banned from future live sales 
  • We do offer payment plans such as Klarna and Shopify Installments as options at checkout.